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Jain Tales

'Jain Tales' cover
'Jain Tales' cover

Jain Tales is the second book in the 'Learn Jainism' series from the Institute of Jainology.

Written for young readers, it gives insights into the Jain religion through stories that illustrate traditional teachings.

The book contains eight tales well known to generations of Jains and colourful illustrations. Quizzes, games and activities on the Learn Jainism website have been developed to accompany this book.

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Monkey and Sugari
Monkey and Sugari

These eight tales will take you on a journey through some of the most important beliefs and ideas of the ancient Indian faith of Jainism.

The stories range from an argument between a bird and a monkey through to the strange and vivid dreams of a queen. The tales in this book are packed with mystery, strange happenings and a wisdom that is thousands of years old.

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