Learn Jainism


Institute of Jainology

The Institute of Jainology (IoJ) is a registered charity established over 15 years ago to promote the Jain religion through art, cultural events and education projects. We:

  • have helped to organise a major exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  • have catalogued the Jain manuscript collection at the British Library and the Welcome Trust
  • organise an annual Ahimsa Day at the House of Commons.

You can find out about these and our other activities at www.jainology.org.

Learn Jainism

Learn Jainism is our first project for UK primary schools. We worked with the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency – now replaced by the Standards and Testing Agency – to ensure Jainism was covered in the National Curriculum objectives for Key Stage 2.

Our first book, Discover Jainism, and this website have been specifically created to provide resources and activities for primary schools.

You can: