Learn Jainism


Places to visit

The Jain Centre in Leicester
The Jain Centre in Leicester

There are many places in the UK you can visit to learn more about the Jain faith.

You can go to temples and religious centres to experience how Jains today worship and come together as a community. Jain temples and religious centres welcome visitors but it's best to check opening times before you go. If you want someone to show you round and explain what you see, it is best to ask if this is possible in advance.

You can go to museums and libraries to see examples of manuscripts, statues, paintings and religious objects on display. Even though many of these are from the past and originally from India, it is important to remember that Jainism is a living faith with believers all over the world.

Temples and religious centres

The Jain Centre, Leicester

The Jain Centre was the first consecrated Jain temple in the western world. It welcomes visitors.

Oshwal Centre, Potters Bar

A new Śvetāmbara temple that opened in August 2005.

Museums and libraries

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The museum holds a significant collection of Jain objects and works of art. There is a permanent display of Jain items in the Nehru Gallery of Indian Art.

The British Museum, London

The museum has a large number of Jain objects and manuscripts on display.

Oriental Museum, Durham

Part of the University of Durham, the museum has a small collection of Jain manuscripts and paintings.

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

The Indian art galleries in this museum have some Jain pictures on show.

Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

The library exhibits manuscripts from all of the faiths of India, including Jain art.