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Video bank

These ‘How To’ videos will aid those who need to know about the Jain faith for their job. This includes teachers and those working in the medical or social care professions. The videos can also be useful if you simply want to know more about Jainism.

The first three videos have been produced to help teachers get the best out of the JAINpedia project when planning and teaching Jainism as part of religious education classes and across the curriculum. The specially commissioned teaching resources are discussed and demonstrated in the teaching videos.

The final video is intended for the community at large, especially carers, doctors and other health and social work professionals, to help address the needs of people from the Jain faith.

You can download the scripts of all the videos at the bottom of the page. You will need Adobe Reader to use the PDFs.

Teaching Jainism

This video discusses why teachers should be including a study of the Jain faith in the classroom and how the Learn Jainism and JAINpedia websites can help them.

The video lasts 5:06 minutes.

Using the resource box

This video introduces one of the most exciting of the resources for schools that are being created as part of the wider JAINpedia project. The JAINpedia Resource box contains objects that can help make Jainism more concrete to children and young people, and emphasise that it is a living religion. The Resource box helps make teaching and learning about Jainism fun!

The video lasts 4:42 minutes.

Using JAINpedia in the classroom

JAINpedia is the main website in the JAINpedia project. It presents manuscripts and original articles all about Jainism, both past and present, and contains lots of resources that may be useful to teachers.

This video shows how teachers can use the JAINpedia website to plan and deliver lessons on the Jain faith. The website can also be used in subjects other than religious education, such as art or creative writing.

The video lasts 5:18 minutes.

Jainism for the caring professions

Around 30,000 Jains live all across the UK but their faith is not widely known. This video is aimed at those in the caring professions, such as doctors, nurses, carers and social workers, who come into contact with British Jains. It is also for those in the wider community who would like to know more about Jainism.

The video gives a general overview of Jain followers and notes some facts such as diet and general beliefs that may influence medical and personal care. This video lasts 5:30 minutes.

Downloadable resources